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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
N3003R - 1953 Vtail D35 Bonanza


Yamaha SX210 - Fun in the Sun

Managing Director
Mr. Valentino has more than 24 years of experience in building, financing and managing companies in the data communications, telecommunications, streaming media and retail management industries. He has founded, built and sold several innovative technology companies. 
On December 1, 2009 he sold AMHosting LLC, the innovative web hosting company he owed with George DiGrandi, to PowerDNN of Omaha Nebraska. 
Mr. Valentino founded E>Connect Inc. in January 2009 to capitalize on the Business Intelligence software opportunities by synchronizing digital video with data systems, like POS, ATM and Casino Management systems.  E>Connect is rapidly expanding by partnering with companies like Pelco, Agilysys, Micros, Bosch, American Dynamics and many others. The market for BI solutions integrating dynamic reporting with digital video is opening up new opportunities for business to improve efficiencies and increase productivity creating a powerful ROI.
In 1998 Valentino founded SmartConnect Inc.  - SmartConnect provided software that heightens the level of video surveillance to a true loss prevention tool that gives clients the ability, using their POS or other data collection systems, to pre-select potentially problematic situations and record them. This, in turn, makes surveillance useful and less labor intensive while allowing management to monitor employee performance and actively deter theft. SmartConnect customers have reported revenue increases in excess of 10% following installation of the SmartConnect solution. 
In 1999, Valentino sold Digisys, a data communications company to CenturyTel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.S. Prior to that, Fiber Services Inc., a telecommunications service firm, was sold to Verio in 1998. In addition, Valentino founded GV Communications, a telecommunications software company, in the late eighties and sold it to Lottery Player Magazine in 1990. He is a student of sales, the process, and the creation of high powered sales organizations, continually studying the works of great sales trainers like Zig Ziglar, Tommy Hopkins, Napoleon Hill
Valentino Ventures was founded to consult, sell, and invest in small technology and retail businesses. Under Mr. Valentino‚Äôs direction the company provided corporate strategy and sales planning for several clients, resulting in significant increases in top line sales and profitability. 
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